ReallyGinny (reallyginnyf) wrote,

People I wanted to fight today...

The dude in the saggy jorts and crusty baseball cap who thought he was going to barge in front of me at the refrigerated section in Aldi's.  Oh, did I plant my booted heel in your instep? I'm so clumsy.

The horrible, horrible mortgage company who has screwed up every single detail that could possibly be screwed up ever since buying out our previous mortgage company.  This time they mailed a letter that read "Oops, we fucked up and sent out the wrong 1098 form two weeks ago, sure hope you haven't filed your taxes yet, haha, our bad."  Guess who already filed their taxes. Yes, I wanted to fight the whole company.

Whoever was driving the car plastered with CRUZ WILL SAVE AMERICA, DOWN WITH OBUMMERCARE and the completely superfluous THIS CAR BELONGS TO A REDNECK.  You don't say. I bet it was crusty-cap-saggy-jorts guy, I didn't stick around to find out.  Glad I stomped his foot.

The sour-faced old lady who parked within a millimeter of me and then had the balls to stand there and shout "watch it" while I was slowly trying to back my car out of its spot.  WATCH WHILE I RUN YOU OVER.

I'm staying home the rest of the day.
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