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I know I don't post here much but lately even scrolling Tumblr and reblogging a few cute frogs or knitting patterns is taxing my resources.  Having to actually form coherent sentences gives me a headache most days.  And I haven't been replying to the posts I see on my friends feed and I'm so sorry, friends.  I'm reading your entries and sympathizing all over the place but I can't seem to bring myself to actually write a reply because it would be one or two words because I'm so tired, damn, and that hardly seems worth the effort.

It's been a summer, to say the least.  Teenage relationship drama and the first steps toward individuation, which I know is a good thing and a sign we're doing parenting right, but Zack is empathetic and wants to help people so of course he latches on to a girl from an abusive background who has serious anger issues. Heaven help us.  I'm not discouraging the relationship because I don't want to make it forbidden and thus more alluring, but I am taking steps to keep him safe.  Like no unsupervised visits to her place because she lives on a farm, has ready access to a variety of firearms and has expressed a desire to shoot her dogs.

BUT ANYWAY. What I mainly needed to get off my chest, and this is the one place I can talk about it without repercussions, is an exchange going on right now in the county homeschooling group I belong to.  There is a mom who is worried because her 13-year-old daughter has expressed an interest in marine biology.  She's hoping it's just a phase that her daughter will grow out of because evolution is a lie meant to lead believers down the wrong path.  What she really wants is for her daughter to grow up, get married and be a stay-at-home mom who homeschools and then maybe get a "little job" once the kids are raised.  I mean, what the fuck.  Yes, I'm married and a stay-at-home mom but this isn't necessarily something I ASPIRED to.  I don't mind my lifestyle but I enjoyed working and I had different dreams for myself.  I couldn't imagine limiting my daughter's future to the "kids and homeschooling" grind if there was something else she was interested in.  But I'm keeping my mouth firmly shut because my town is a little town and the other homeschooling moms know I'm a secular homeschooler and I'm kept at arm's length because of it. I'm not going to hijack a thread and be an asshole about their beliefs and their prayer requests that the girl will see the error of her way but I'd love to find this girl and quietly encourage her dreams.  And now I understand why, when I was asked about secular curriculum and I replied that secular materials tend to focus on discernment rather than indoctrination, I was met with tight-lipped silence.

Being a secular homeschooler in the Bible Belt is so much fun, y'all.
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