ReallyGinny (reallyginnyf) wrote,

To all my British friends

I promise no "Brexit sounds like a breakfast cereal" jokes or references to the Clash or to the hokey-pokey because I'm sure you've all heard it 7,000 times by now and I bet it wasn't funny the first time.  Speaking as an American who is facing down a presidential election in a few months where the support for the Republican candidate is fueled by ignorance, fear, hatred and a huge whopping dose of racism, I hope the referendum voters will make their choice based on careful consideration of the repercussions.  Whichever way you're leaning, I hope the eventual outcome is a good one.  Virtual hugs from across the pond.
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My family are all firmly for remain, but fear that we are on the losing side of what has been a cynically manipulated, ill-informed and dangerously selfish debate, fuelled by the hideous Murdoch press. Mr T and I live in one of the most Brexit orientated regions of England – which hopefully will be neutralised by largely pro-European Scotland. But it's horribly close. And then, tomorrow, as if there will not be in enough tumult after the results whichever way it falls, Mr Trump has chosen to fly in to the UK. I see on the BBC news this morning that Mexican flags are being hoisted to greet him, which is at least amusing...


June 24 2016, 15:19:04 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  June 24 2016, 15:26:40 UTC

I'm so sorry about the referendum decision. We'll probably be in a similar position come November. Russ and I live in a state where the Republican candidate for governor is running campaign ads with the image of an assault rifle being loaded, superimposed over footage from the Ferguson and University of Missouri protests, followed by the ominous slogan KEEP MISSOURI SAFE. And in the Presidential election, Missouri's electoral votes will almost certainly go to Trump. It's all down to ill-informed voters making fear-based decisions and then we have to try to live with the result.
Awoke to the news that we have voted to leave. Our family is divided but after a lot of soul searching I voted to remain. I am rather stunned at the result and I see that Cameron has now resigned.
Surely not Trump and BoJo in control. What a nightmare.
I'm so sorry. This is quite a legacy for Cameron. And Trump is celebrating the Brexit vote which tells me all I need to know about the future implicatons of this decision. It's a hell of a world we're living in right now.

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